a-1 [ə]
[weakened form of OE an, on, in, ON] prefix
1. in, into, on, at, to [ashore, abed]
2. in the act or state of [asleep, a-crying, a-wishing]
a-2 [ə; ] for 3 [ ā]
1. [OE a-, out of, up] up, out: now generally used as an intensive [awake, arise]
2. [OE of-, af-] off, of [akin]
3. [Gr a-, an-, not] not, without: it becomes an- before a vowel [amoral, atypical]
4. AB-: used before m, p, or v [avert]
5. AD-: used before sc, sp, or st [ascribe]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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